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What we are busy with

Wonder why we waited so long writing a new blog? We are BUSY! We have a Facebook page¬†which we update frequently, we have our jobs and we help Missy with housekeeping stuff. And yet, people wonder why we are tired …

This picture shows Sophie watching a bird (she calls them FlapFlaps). We have to prevent those creatures entering our house.


In this picture I am watching over the neighbourhood:


This picture shows Sophie as a model. She likes looking pretty.


These photos prove our hard working:

After seeing this, do you still think it’s strange we’re exhausted?


Donna · Sophie

Happy Bird Day!!!

We are celebrating our birthday this month. Because we didn’t know what to ask and who to invite this year, we decided to ask Missy if she had a suggestion.

Missy showed us an article she’d just read. It seems that they’re looking for volunteers who want to hunt mice in the east of the country. Because the hunt starts next month, we thought it would be a nice present but we also wanted to have something now and more close to our home.

We heard that the coast has been terrorized by sea gulls for a while. The gulls steal people’s food in a bold way. They also attack people. Because they’re very big, we girls are not able to hunt them. We think they would even manage to lift up Donna and fly away with her. But we have another plan: we’ll go to the shore and watch them gulls. If they steal food and fly away with it, we follow them on the ground. When they drop their food, which they often do, we pick it up and run off with it. It’s also a kind of hunt, but in a different way. Brings some new excitement.


After seeing this picture, Donna started to hesitate:

– Soph, are that sea girls?
– No, it are sea GULLS.
– But they’re enormous!
– Yes, they are that’s why we’re not going to hunt them.
– They’re not looking friendly.
– They aren’t friendly, Don.
– I don’t wanna go …
– Then I’ll go alone, you’ll regret it …
– I’ll ask Missy for a fish, I’m not going to risk my tail for some third mouth food …
– Third mouth food?
– Yes, first it was the human’s, then that gull stole it, dropped it and we’re supposed to pick it up and eat it … very unhygienic, by the way …
– Well, if you see it that way … maybe we’ll better skip this adventure and wait till next month …
– Sounds like a great idea …


Donna · Sophie

Catch And Jump

If there are people who think we girls are lazy kitties that sleep all day, then they’re so wrong. We have things to do, you know, IMPORTANT things.

Please check out our video:

If you ever have doubts about us hard working feline girls, remember what you’ve just seen and share it with all your friends … what did we say? Share it with the whole WORLD, because the world has to know that cats are no lazy, sleeping creatures, but hard working adorable souls who deserve the best!!!