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What we are busy with

Wonder why we waited so long writing a new blog? We are BUSY! We have a Facebook page which we update frequently, we have our jobs and we help Missy with housekeeping stuff. And yet, people wonder why we are tired …

This picture shows Sophie watching a bird (she calls them FlapFlaps). We have to prevent those creatures entering our house.


In this picture I am watching over the neighbourhood:


This picture shows Sophie as a model. She likes looking pretty.


These photos prove our hard working:

After seeing this, do you still think it’s strange we’re exhausted?



A Little Attention

I said, Don … Don, I said, I wish I was that plant. It gets more attention than I. Even that spot of light gets more attention. Do you understand that human? Well, I don’t! I saw her staring at a picture of us one day. She didn’t even notice that I was standing behind her. You know what the thing is with that human, Don? Let me tell you: since she’s staring through that black box, she forgets about the real world around her. I was told that when the clock strikes twelve, that thing will grow on her eye. That’s why I want to warn her and also because I want a HUG and I’m HUNGY!!!


Mmm … I get your point, Soph. I also noticed that but I have some tricks to get her attention. When she’s sitting on the ground with that black box, I go sit on her lap. Once she was leaning against the stairs, taking some pics of a flower, so I climbed the stairs and poked her. Since Missy can’t resist me, I always get the attention I need. When I want a hug, I first give her a hug; when I’m hungry, I ask for food. It’s as simple as that!


Oh, Don … I think I understand what you’re saying. You’re such a smart cookie! Do you believe the black box will grow on Missy’s eye when the clock strikes twelve?

Of course not, Soph! Where did you hear that? It’s the silliest thing I ever heard! Missy was born with that black box on her eye!


Why cats refuse to listen

People often wonder why we cats and kitties refuse to listen to humans. Well, I found the perfect answer on the internet:

When Donna and I were kittens, they took us away from our mommy. Since it’s almost World Animal Day, I’ve been thinking about my mommy a lot. Donna says she doesn’t remember, she says she considers Missy as her mommy. I don’t think Missy took us away from our real mommy, though. We lived with other humans before Bossy and Missy adopted us. When our first humans brought us to the shelter, Donna said she would never trust another human anymore. She was so upset, didn’t want to talk to me either. The only thing she did was growling and calling me names. But I couldn’t help that were there, could I?

We both got an operation, which made Donna even more angry. After we recovered, our new humans came to meet us and took us home. Donna disappeared the moment she was released from the kitty bag and I was pretty scared too. After a while, I approached Missy and she started petting me. Can’t tell you how happy I felt …

Donna stayed away for three days, she was hiding in the kitchen under a drawer that she entered through a secret “door”. She only came out at night to eat a little. It took some time before she allowed Missy to pet her. We remained a little scared of Bossy, because he’s so big. I guess you know the rest is history: Donna thinks Missy is her real mommy, loves Bossy and chases me all the time. I know Missy isn’t our real mommy, but I think she’s nice and does the best she can to make us girls feel at home.


Philo and Sophie

Sophie is a pretty girl who likes to be a model. I’m more interested in the meaning of things. I like to study people, birds and other creatures. While sniffin’ around on the internet, I learned a new word: philosophy. Because I think it’s an interesting word, I looked it up and found the following definition:

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom”. [Wikipedia]

I told Sophie about my new discovery and what do you think she said? “Oh, nice that my name is used in this word but who is Philo?” I tried to explain the meaning of the word, and maybe you’ll guess her next question: “So my name means: wisdom? I always thought that I had it in me. Wisdom, I mean. I really hope to find my love Philo soon. I’m so excited to know the name of my Prince.”

Donna · Sophie

Kitty Comic

We’ve created a comic strip of some of our photos. I don’t know if it was comical at all, but this is how humans call it.

What was the issue? I spotted a terrible creature and didn’t want to scare the humans. So I had to make up a plan. I informed Donna about the situation and after discussing the plan, we took action. I’m glad we succeeded and the humans didn’t find out …


While You Were Sleeping

Well, since Donna claims to be a model, people might forget who I am. My photos are famous all over the world, you know. Let me show you two of my recent shots:

Now you know what I mean. I have to work hard to become a top model, Donna just does what she knows best: sleeping! Oh, I know, she would never admit it. She’s always telling everyone what a brave, hard working, sweet cookie she is.

Yes girl, you’re famous now and it all happened while you where sleeping …


You don’t know me …

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted Donna while she was looking into the mirror, wearing something strange on her head. I ordered the human to take a picture of her:

Donna Loves Willie

I asked her what it was.

‘It’s a bandana with braids,’ she explained.
‘A what?’
‘A bandana with braids!’
‘Why are you wearing it?’
‘It makes me look like my favorite human.’
‘Oh, do I know her?’
‘It’s a “him”.’
‘Didn’t know that “hims” wear bandanas with braids …’
‘He makes beautiful music.’
‘Music? What has that to do with the bandana-with-braids?’
‘Don’t know … I think it’s his trademark.’

Because I didn’t understand Donna’s new obsession, I walked to the kitchen to find something to eat. A bandana with with braids … beautiful music … it didn’t make any sense to me.

Suddenly I heard somebody humming a song. I went back to see if there was something wrong with Donna. I found her sitting behind the computer. She was listening to a song and sometimes humming while staring to a picture on the monitor: a picture of her favorite human …

Oh, you’ll never ever know,
the one who loved you so
Well, you don’t know me
… meooowww …



Since Donna’s telling things about me, I think you have the right to know more about her too. Not that I’m gossiping, oh no, I’m not like that. But I found out some things about her I want to share with you.

Take a close look at this picture:


What do you see? Right, Donna wearing the hat of a hussar! And what do you think she told me it was? The hat of queen Nefertiti, who ever that may be. When I told her she looked like a mini hussar and asked if she had cold ears, she got angry. Didn’t talk to me for three days … on day four she told me that she isn’t a salad (in Dutch a Russian salad is called “hussar salad”). It took her three days to sort that out, I think.


Next Top Model

Sophie has won a prize. It’s hard to believe, but she’s won a photo contest. I mean: a picture of her has won the contest.


Not that I’m jealous, oh no. My picture has been published in an earlier edition of that magazine. Sophie was so jealous that her picture hadn’t been published that she ordered the human to make a photo shoot of her. And now she’s got what she wants. Because she doesn’t know what it means to be a model, I offered to be her manager. Somebody has to take care of her business, she is so naief.


Donna Dry

I warned Donna several times not to sleep in the drying machine and what do you think? This afternoon happened what I feared. The human was drying the wash but decided to leave the house. She switched off the drying machine and opened its door. As soon as she’d left the house, Donna went in the machine to take a nap. She likes a warm and humid climate, she told me.

The human returned after a while, walked straight to the machine, closed the door and turned it on. The machine sounded like there was something heavy inside. De human noticed this, walked back to the machine, switched it off, opened the door and guess who jumped out of it? Right: Donna!

“I told you it is dangerous to sleep in there, Don.”
“Why? It was nice and warm. The only disadvantage was that it started moving. That made me wake up in an unpleasant way, so I left. The good thing is that I’m dry, Donna Dry.”