The Food Machine

Missy bought us a new toy: a Food Machine.

At first glance, we’ve got upset by it. After doing some sniffing around, we spotted some food in it. Sophie tried it and after some muttering she managed to get the food out of it.

I tried the box where the Food Machine used to live in and read the instructions of the Senses Food Maze (that’s the official name of the thing):

1. Cat moves food or treats through maze by pawing through side openings.
2. Cat eats from food tray once food falls through maze.

After testing it myself, I suggest to change the instructions as follows:

1. Cat moves food or treats through maze by pawing through side openings and opening on top.
2. Cat eats from food tray once food falls trough maze floor once he/she has brought the food maze down.

By the way: it was Sophie who brought the Food Machine down.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this with us …


Raindrops Keep Fallin’

Long time no see, you might think. Well, we girls have been very busy creating stuff. One of the results is this video, featuring Sophie and a Tap. Sophie is obsessed by water dripping from the tap. She just doesn’t get it … asks herself and me (Donna) where it comes from and where it’s going. Then she heard this song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”. She loved it and it inspired her to write new lyrics to it. It’s about time we girls take some singing lessons so we can add our own vocals to future videos.


Our New Toy

Donna and I got a new toy for our birthday last month. Missy recorded a video while we were playing with it.

If you watched the video carefully, you might have noticed that Donna is attacking me. I’m happy to prove that my life ain’t that easy. Donna always acts like she’s the little cute girl who’s always chased and beaten up by me, but this video tells you the truth.

In this picture I’m peacefully looking at the toy

This picture shows Donna attacking me 😦


Sophie’s Thirsty

Sophie broke her promise: she shouldn’t go to the beach to eat with the birds, the sea gulls, but she went. Well, to be more precize: she didn’t go to the beach, them gulls came to our street. So from that point of view, Sophie didn’t break her promise.

They threw a wild party, those gulls, with lot of screaming and fluttering around some garbage they found. Sophie was gazing at them from a safe spot and I observed the party from behind my window. It was disgusting to see how the gulls pulled out the trash of the garbage bags and threw it all over the place. Some started fighting, like they were drunk (and maybe they were).

Suddenly they broke up and flew away while screaming loud. After they were gone, “brave” Sophie showed up and started sniffing the garbage. I think I saw her eating something, but I’m not sure. Then I noticed her walking to a bottle, sniffing, nipping, making funny faces and running off.

The next morning Missy recorded this video:

After seeing this, I think Sophie has had it with parties for the time being.

Donna · Sophie

Catch And Jump

If there are people who think we girls are lazy kitties that sleep all day, then they’re so wrong. We have things to do, you know, IMPORTANT things.

Please check out our video:

If you ever have doubts about us hard working feline girls, remember what you’ve just seen and share it with all your friends … what did we say? Share it with the whole WORLD, because the world has to know that cats are no lazy, sleeping creatures, but hard working adorable souls who deserve the best!!!