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Soms is het genoeg, de poezenemmer is vol en er is maar één druppeltje nodig om ‘m te doen overlopen.

Sophie heeft last van jeukende ogen. Daar heeft ze een medicijn voor. Het medicijn werkt wel maar heeft het probleem niet volledig opgelost. Gisteren is Sophie van het vloerkleed geplukt en in de poezenmand gestopt. Vrouwtje nam haar mee en toen ze terugkwamen drukte dat mens mij tegen de grond om een druppel in mijn nek te geven. Het bleek dat ze dit ook bij Sophie had gedaan. Ik weet niets dat erger is dan een druppel in je nek krijgen. Sophie vertelde mij het volgende:

Ik lag in de huiskamer toen vrouwtje naar mij toe kwam. Ik vermoedde iets en stond op. Vrouwtje stond stil en staarde naar de vloer. Plots greep ze mij. Ik zette mijn nagels in het vloerkleed. Zij maakte ze los en zette mij in de poezenmand. Samen gingen we op pad.

Ze opende een deur … en nog een … ja hoor, ik was weer bij de dierenarts. We moesten een tijdje wachten. Het mens probeerde me in contact te brengen met een kitten. Denk je dat ik daarop zit te wachten?

We werden binnen geroepen. De poezenmand werd geopend. De dierenarts controleerde mijn ogen en vacht. Hij gaat mij pijn doen … laat me met rust … ik wil weg  … Vrouwtje kwam met een plannetje zodat de dierenarts mij geen pijn hoefde te doen. Ze stelde voor om een ander medicijn te proberen. Er is nog een flesje met spul dat Donna eerst kreeg. Nu ze pilletjes heeft mag ik het proberen. Ik krijg altijd de afdankertjes van haar. Deze keer vind ik dat niet erg.

Als we terug zijn maakt vrouwtje de poezenmand open. Ik wil eruit maar ze drukt mij naar beneden en spuit een druppel in mijn nek. Wat afschuwelijk is dit! Snel loop ik de trap op naar de huisdeur. Hij gaat open … Eindelijk veilig!

Nu vertrouwen we dat mens niet meer en negeren haar. Die druppel heeft het vertrouwen weggespoeld … de poezenemmer was vol … nu is hij overgelopen …



Donna · Stories


Je weet dat het gaat gebeuren, alleen niet wanneer. De poezenmand staat al een dag in de gang. Sophie was twee weken geleden aan de beurt. Toen zij terug kwam herkende ik haar geur niet en blies tegen haar. Ze werd boos. Haar probleem. De poezenmand werd opgeborgen. Nu staat hij daar dus weer. Wie o wie?

Vrouwtje vertrok vanmorgen en kwam in de middag terug. Ze liep op mij af en tilde me op. Natuurlijk protesteerde ik. Ze sprak lieve woordjes terwijl ze me in de poezenmand stopte. Ik klaagde. Nog meer lieve woordjes.

We gaan op pad. Ik kijk belangstellend om mij heen. Zoveel nieuwe geluiden en geuren. De mand wisselt regelmatig van hand.

Ze opent een deur. Dan ruik ik het. Ik begin te trillen. Vrouwtje probeert me in contact te brengen met een ander wezen. Ik negeer het. Heb wel wat anders aan mijn hoofd! We worden binnen geroepen. Mijn veilige onderkomen wordt verwijderd. Ik word betast. ‘Ze ziet er goed uit,’ zegt een stem. Natuurlijk, wat had je dan verwacht? Geen vieze druppeltjes meer, probeer een nieuw pilletje. Bel over een week. Over drie jaar terugkomen.

Bevrijd hol ik de trap op. Zodra ik binnen ben vertel ik het Sophie. Zij heeft ook pilletjes. Vindt ze niet erg. Ik ook niet. Pilletjes zijn lekker, druppeltjes vies. Over drie jaar krijgen we weer prikjes. Hoeveel poezenjaren zijn dat?

Donna >^..^<


Donna’s eosinophil

Some kitties do everything to attract their human’s attention. Donna manages to do that all the time. Remember her allergy? Well, she came up with something similar this time. It’s called eosinophil granulocyte complex and it lives inside her mouth on her lip. The vet already gave her a shot to make it go, but it didn’t plan to leave that easily (I think it likes Donna). Now she’s consulting a homeopathic vet, because Missy doesn’t like the medicines the regular vet gives her. They seem to be harmful on long term. But there’s also another thing: since last year, Donna’s fur is disappearing. How come? Well, she is washing herself all the time. The vet said it’s stress and sold Missy some stuff in a vaporizer that was intended to make her calm. Missy tried it for three months. When it didn’t show the expected results, Missy consulted a healer and sent her some photos of Donna. The healer sent Missy a long letter with some advise, but Donna is very persistent and kept on washing. Missy has also been advised to feed Donna one kind of protein (chicken, turkey or so) together with carbohydrates. So Missy started cooking rice for us. Yes, you read it well: Missy was cooking, which is suspicious and she was cooking rice for US what made it even stranger. She mixed the rice with mashed turkey, the vet sold her and put it on a plate. Donna started eating it but I hesitated. It’s not fair, you know. I’m not the one who’s allergic, why should I suffer because of Donna’s eos-thing? Webcam Girlz After two servings, we both stopped eating. We were on food stike. Missy didn’t know what to do, felt guilty (we made her feel guilty, to be more precise) and called the vet. Well, guess what happened that evening … yes, Missy was cooking potatoes for us 😦 “Mmm,” Donna mumbled, “love this, mashed potatoes with turkey, yummy!” I ate two servings before I continued my food strike. I only accepted the meat, not the potatoes. Bossy felt sorry for me and asked Missy to feed us the dry food we liked so much. It was not possible to continue giving Donna her “mashed potatoes-with-turkey” and me my own food, because Donna would eat my food as well. After a good chat with the girl from the local pet shop, Missy came home with biological dry food without grain, corn and that kind of stuff. Since then we’re one happy family again. Donna got her second treatment from the homeopathic vet and Missy melted the medicine in cat milk. Life is getting better and better: now we get a plate with cat milk every day! Donna’s eos-thing is still there and her fur hasn’t grown back either, but that’s a matter of time. donna20130712-1 Donna has strictly prohibited me to post a picture where the eos-thing and furless spots are visible. She’ll send her lawyer to me, if I did, she threatened. Never knew she had one … maybe she meant her mower?


Sad Tail


Yesterday, after Missy came home, she asked what was wrong with my tail. “My tail? What can be wrong with my tail?” I asked her while turning around. My tail was there so I didn’t know what she meant. Later that evening, Donna started asking me questions about my tail. It really began to irritate me. I have a beautiful tail that reflects my moods in a perfect and elegant way. Most of the time I’m happy or curious; my tail is in the air by then. Sometimes I’m upset, my tail is big by then. Missy always says I look like a rare pedigree with that upset tail. I noticed that jumping was a little difficult for me so I decided to do some tail research myself. You might wonder how I did that? How can a girl do better research on her tail than by washing it? Well, that’s what I did, I washed it! I started at the end of my back as usual. There was nothing wrong and it didn’t hurt. An inch from my back my tail looked weird, it was hanging down, looked like it was broken. I tried to lift it up, but only the first part worked and the rest of my tail didn’t do anything else than hanging down. It was so sad to see my beautiful tail like that.

My beautiful tail is not visible in this picture

This afternoon, Missy took me to the vet. After a lot of squeezing in my body, legs and tail the vet concluded that I didn’t feel pain and my tail didn’t need splints to heal. I think my tail is feeling sad. Maybe I should pay more attention to it, wash it more and tell it how beautiful it looks. That will heal it quickly for sure!


Donna’s Allergy

Missy put the Kitty Bag in the hall. It was there for days. Sometimes she moved it a little. We didn’t pay too much attention to it, though. Suddenly, I heard Donna cry and I knew what that meant: Missy had put her into the bag. Yes, girl, now it’s your turn to go to the vet, I thought.

When they returned, I asked Donna what happened:
– Well, what do you think?
– They put something against fleas and worms in your neck, I can smell it.
– Yeah, they’re crazy out there, you know.

Then she showed me her tongue, pointed to it and tried to say something.
– What?
– Bub … all …
– Don, you have a spotted tongue!
– That’s what I said!
– What’s wrong with it?
– It’s an allergy, the doctor said.
– An allergy? What are you allergic for?
– You mean, WHO?
– No … is it possible then?
– I’m afraid so, Soph.
– Is it Missy?
– Mmm … I don’t think so … anyway, they gave me a shot and they want to see me again soon.


A few weeks later, the Kitty Bag was waiting again in the hall. Donna went in and did a nap. Missy didn’t take any action, so I think it wasn’t time to go yet. Later that day, I heard the famous Donna cry again. Missy tried to comfort her with sweet words, but it didn’t help.

Donna really suprised me when they got back.
– And?
– What and?
– How’s your tongue?
– Oh, that … it’s still allergic, got to go back again.
– And you don’t care?
– No, I went out shopping after the visit to the vet. I went to the bank and to a bookstore. Very interesting. They have a fish shop too at the mall. I’ll ask Missy if she takes me there next time and you know what, Soph? I’ll buy you a fish!


Kitty Bag

Sophie went out for a walk. At least, that’s what she told me. The truth is that Missy put her in a bag and took her outside.

Earlier that day, Missy showed up with a kitty bag and we girls know what that means: get your tail out of here, she’s gonna get you, put you in that bag and take you to the vet. But nothing happened and we got suspicious.

I noticed Sophie was crying from one eye for a couple of weeks and thought that might be the reason Missy got the “mobile home” to take her to the vet. No, of course she wasn’t crying, she said. It was her eye that was weeping all the time. “I have a weeping eye,” she said, “I don’t know why my eye is sad, though. I hope my Prince will stop by and comfort it.” She’s so romantic, you know. She thinks a White Tailed Prince will come to rescue her.

In the afternoon, Sophie was lying in the window still, dreaming about her Prince, I assume. I heard Missy’s calling her and moments later, she showed up with Sophie in the bag. Sophie didn’t give a meow, which was pretty tough, I think.

When they returned, Sophie walked almost majestically out of the bag and started washing her eye. I assumed that she would be mad at Missy, but she did everything to attract Missy’s attention. She didn’t say a word to me, acted like I didn’t existed. I have to admit that I didn’t take pains to approach her, I was lying in the sun observing her strange behavior.

Since she’s back home, Sophie’s playing “Catch Me If You Can” with Missy. It seems that Missy has to cream Sophie’s eye for a week. Sophie doesn’t feel like that, so she walks away when Missy approaches her. Maybe I should support Sophie a little more and protect her from the humans. Bossy seems be part of the plot as well, so the poor girl isn’t safe in this house anymore. The only one who can rescue her by now is her White Tailed Prince …