Trick or Treat – part 1

It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m getting ready for Halloween and ordered my Mega Mindy suit. Every year I try to convince Donna to accompany me to the Halloween parties I’m invited. I just asked her to go out with me for the “Trick or Treat”.

S – Trick or Treat
D – Trick or what?
S – Treat
D – Why?
S – It’s a Halloween thing, Don.
D – Then I don’t like it!
S – Come on, Don, I just ordered my Mega Mindy suit and sent out the invites for the party
D – Mega Mindy … Party?
S – Yes, this year it’s in our house and you can’t stop me
D – Oh no?
S – No and I already ordered a suit for you as well because you’re always late with that
D – So, what did you order for me?
S – A witch suit 🙂
D – Which suit?
S – Here’s a picture of it:


S – Well, what do you think of it?
D – Mmm … I only want the hat, not the black fur
S – Which one:

D – I think the second one matches my fur better
S – Okay, I’ll check if it’s still available
D – What looks your suit like?
S – Here’s a picture of the mask:


S – I also ordered a nice pink cape
D – Well, let’s go for the Trick or Treat thing then …

to be continued ..



I’m upset. Not just in a bad mood, but really upset. What happened? Donna and I should organize the annual Halloween party this year. You know I love parties and I’m always looking forward to Halloween.
The moment I started to invite our friends, Donna said she didn’t feel well. I thought it was a hair ball that bothered her because kept on throwing up. To be sick for more than two days of a hair ball is little strange, though. On the third day, Missy put her in the Kitty Bag and took her to the vet. They returned in less than an hour. When I asked Donna what was wrong, she said they didn’t know. She’s got a shot against nausea and when that didn’t help she had to return to the clinic for some tests.
I was a little worried, I have to admit. That night Donna slept in the Kitty Bag, which is very unusual.

The good thing was that she didn’t chase me, like she used to. Well, at least it was good for me.

Two days later it looked like she had recovered so I kindly asked her if she was able to lend me a paw on the Halloween party preparations. “Hallowhat?” she said. For a moment I thought she was going to throw up again. I reminded her of the promise we made to our friends. “Hallowhere?”, she answered.

“Here in our house of course!”
“On October 31, like every year!”
“Oh no, we can’t do that, Soph. My stomache feels so weak. When I see all those monsters wandering around our house I might get sick again. Can’t you organize it somewhere else?”

I felt so disappointed, she knows how much I like Halloween and now she asks me to organize it somewhere else. The kitty next door isn’t home at Halloween and I don’t know if the other cats in our street want me to organize the party in their house. Because Missy felt sorry for me, she created a special Halloween card.

I still hope Donna changes her mind or I’ll be invited to another party because I already ordered my costume …

Happy Halloween!!!


Sophie’s Thirsty

Sophie broke her promise: she shouldn’t go to the beach to eat with the birds, the sea gulls, but she went. Well, to be more precize: she didn’t go to the beach, them gulls came to our street. So from that point of view, Sophie didn’t break her promise.

They threw a wild party, those gulls, with lot of screaming and fluttering around some garbage they found. Sophie was gazing at them from a safe spot and I observed the party from behind my window. It was disgusting to see how the gulls pulled out the trash of the garbage bags and threw it all over the place. Some started fighting, like they were drunk (and maybe they were).

Suddenly they broke up and flew away while screaming loud. After they were gone, “brave” Sophie showed up and started sniffing the garbage. I think I saw her eating something, but I’m not sure. Then I noticed her walking to a bottle, sniffing, nipping, making funny faces and running off.

The next morning Missy recorded this video:

After seeing this, I think Sophie has had it with parties for the time being.

Donna · Sophie

Happy Bird Day!!!

We are celebrating our birthday this month. Because we didn’t know what to ask and who to invite this year, we decided to ask Missy if she had a suggestion.

Missy showed us an article she’d just read. It seems that they’re looking for volunteers who want to hunt mice in the east of the country. Because the hunt starts next month, we thought it would be a nice present but we also wanted to have something now and more close to our home.

We heard that the coast has been terrorized by sea gulls for a while. The gulls steal people’s food in a bold way. They also attack people. Because they’re very big, we girls are not able to hunt them. We think they would even manage to lift up Donna and fly away with her. But we have another plan: we’ll go to the shore and watch them gulls. If they steal food and fly away with it, we follow them on the ground. When they drop their food, which they often do, we pick it up and run off with it. It’s also a kind of hunt, but in a different way. Brings some new excitement.


After seeing this picture, Donna started to hesitate:

– Soph, are that sea girls?
– No, it are sea GULLS.
– But they’re enormous!
– Yes, they are that’s why we’re not going to hunt them.
– They’re not looking friendly.
– They aren’t friendly, Don.
– I don’t wanna go …
– Then I’ll go alone, you’ll regret it …
– I’ll ask Missy for a fish, I’m not going to risk my tail for some third mouth food …
– Third mouth food?
– Yes, first it was the human’s, then that gull stole it, dropped it and we’re supposed to pick it up and eat it … very unhygienic, by the way …
– Well, if you see it that way … maybe we’ll better skip this adventure and wait till next month …
– Sounds like a great idea …