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A White Tailed Prince

Maybe you remember Sophie’s always dreaming about a white tailed prince? Well, Missy found one. What did I say? Missy found a bunch of them. I expected Sophie to be pleasantly surprised but what do you think? Madam complained it was too late, she’s too old for it … decided to stay single.White Tailed Prince

I have always been a career kitty, never wanted to date. Since I’m getting older too I think one of these fluffy guys would be good company (or maybe both of them). It’s too bad they live far from here and I don’t want to move to another country. Maybe I can get in touch with them on the internet or using WhatsApp. I’ll check with Missy if she can support on it.



Donna Animated

Never thought my sister Donna could be so animating … well in fact she isn’t, but Missy created a small animation of some pictures she recently took from Donna.

Donna Animated

It looks like Donna is saying “yes” to something although I can’t imagine to what. Maybe Missy asked her if she wanted something to eat? It can also be that she shrugs her shoulders, like she wants to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”. The last thing she would never say to Missy but she tells me all the time. Or is she panting? Well I guess I’ll never know and Donna won’t remember.

Donna · Facebook

Hissed out of the Hammock

Did you see this on Facebook?

and this is miss Sophie’s reply on it:

Now I’m asking you: do you think this is fair? The hammock was a gift from the guy next door to both of us and Sophie claims it all the time. I aimed for hammock sharing but she doesn’t want to hear from it.

Remember this story? It looks like history is repeating itself … nothing has been changed in four years … 😦


Bat Cat & Super Kitty

Last week we had a Halloween party. I like parties and ordered a Super Kitty suit on the internet. When Donna found out, she wanted to join me. On her request I informed if they had a suit for her. Because she was late, they only had two suits left: a Mickey Mouse suit and a Bat Cat suit. Donna didn’t like the idea going dressed up like Mickey Mouse with all those other cats around, so she decided to order the Bat Cat suit. Luckely it arrived in time: half an hour before the party began. I was already dressed up to go while she tried to put on her Bat Cat suit.
“Don, why does it take you so long to get dressed up?” I asked impatiently.
“Grrr,” she complained, “it doesn’t fit.”

What was the problem? Because Donna steals my food she was too fat to fit the suit so she decided only to wear the mask. But the worst thing was she’s blaming me for not fitting the suit.
“It’s all your fault, Soph. You always want to go to parties and because I feel responsible for you, I need to join you.” What? I can perfectly take care of myself, Sis!

Unfortunately I haven’t a picture to show you how Donna looked in that suit before she took it off.