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What we are busy with

Wonder why we waited so long writing a new blog? We are BUSY! We have a Facebook page which we update frequently, we have our jobs and we help Missy with housekeeping stuff. And yet, people wonder why we are tired …

This picture shows Sophie watching a bird (she calls them FlapFlaps). We have to prevent those creatures entering our house.


In this picture I am watching over the neighbourhood:


This picture shows Sophie as a model. She likes looking pretty.


These photos prove our hard working:

After seeing this, do you still think it’s strange we’re exhausted?



Pay with a Treat

“Don, look … what do you think?”

No, this time it wasn’t Sophie asking me, but Missy. What was the matter? Missy learned about some new marketing tool and now she wants to try it on her blog.

“Look, Don, when you want to download this photo you have to pay for it. Not with money, like we humans use to, but with a Tweet! It’s a free promotion of your product.”

“A what?”

“A Tweet. Look, I click on this link and then I’m routed to Twitter. I log in and post the Tweet. After that, I can download the photo. Now, what do you think?”

“Mmm, let’s see … it’s complicated, isn’t it? Let’s ask Sophie …”

“Sophie, do you want to get payed with a Tweet?”

“Oh yes, Missy always pays with treats.”

“Not a treat, but a Tweet!”

“Tweety, the bird? Oh, that would be so great! Please tell me what to do …”

Since that didn’t work – who had thought it would – I started thinking if I could use it for the promotion of my company. Oh, now I can see you thinking: ‘what kind of company can a kitty like her run? Is she in mouse hunting business?’ Wrong! I’m a S.I.C.K. The first time I told Sophie, she said: “Don, go see a doctor!!! I’ll tell Missy … MISSY … Donna is sick!!!”

“Is she nauseous?”

“She’s as sick as a cat, Missy.”

“No, Sophie, I told you I’m a S.I.C.K, a Social Independent Comfort Kitty.”

“A what? Social? Never noticed that. Independent, yes you are, but what’s a Comfort Kitty?”

“I am Social, but in general not to cats, I’m social to humans who need me to comfort them. People hire me for that, you know?”

“And how do you get payed, Don? With a Tweet or a Treat???”


It’s a virus!!!

Don … Donna … Donnahaaa …

Where’s the fire???
It’s a virus!!!
Somebody hacked our beautiful blog, Don!
Oh, that …
You know about it?
Yes, it ought to be a surprise. Missy and I felt so bad about your Halloween party that we decided to select a cool new theme for the blog. If you scroll down, you’ll see them cute little houses that look a little Hallowenish.
Oh … I’m sorry, I thought somebody sent us a virus …
Well, don’t you like it?
Mmm … don’t know … it’s so … eh … so pink …
That what you said of the old theme too when you fist saw it …

Missy worked very hard on it, you know, but if you want the old theme back I’ll ask her to reactivate it.
Oh, no … I think I like it …. yes, lets scroll down and look at the cute little houses …

Don … I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m going to tell Missy … 🙂

Miss … Missy … Mihissy …