The Food Machine

Missy bought us a new toy: a Food Machine.

At first glance, we’ve got upset by it. After doing some sniffing around, we spotted some food in it. Sophie tried it and after some muttering she managed to get the food out of it.

I tried the box where the Food Machine used to live in and read the instructions of the Senses Food Maze (that’s the official name of the thing):

1. Cat moves food or treats through maze by pawing through side openings.
2. Cat eats from food tray once food falls through maze.

After testing it myself, I suggest to change the instructions as follows:

1. Cat moves food or treats through maze by pawing through side openings and opening on top.
2. Cat eats from food tray once food falls trough maze floor once he/she has brought the food maze down.

By the way: it was Sophie who brought the Food Machine down.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this with us …

Donna · Sophie

Missy Day Revisited

Time flies like a bird you can’t catch … it’s almost Missy Day and it’s so hard to pick an original present for Missy. Since Sophie loves to shop, I sent her out to find something nice and useful. Sophie has a parttime job at the returns department of a store in consumer electronics, so she promised to look if they have anything useful there.

This morning (she use to work the night shifts) she returned home with this:

Soph, what’s this?
It’s a big eye, Don. Don’t you like it?
Yes, but do you think Missy likes it?
Of course she will! She’ll love it 🙂
Well, I’m not sure. I think she likes her own camera better.
But that one is black, and this one has nice colors.
Where did you buy it?
Buy? No, someone returned it and the manager said nobody would buy it anyway and threw it away. After he left, I rescued it from the garbage bin and here it is!
You stole it?
No, I told you he threw it away. That was so cruel, I had to rescue the poor thing!
Oh, I see … well if Missy doesn’t like it I’ll tell her it was your idea, right?
No, that isn’t fair, Don. We’re a team, remember?
Okay, we are a team. As a team member I would like to know if this thing works.
Works? I don’t know … you mean, if it has a job?
No, Soph, I mean: does it do what it should, taking pictures?
I thought Missy takes the pictures?
Sigh … do you know if it’s broken or not?
Well, when it came in, it worked but after the manager brutely threw it away, I’m not sure …
Maybe we have to look for another gift, Sophie. What do you think?
Yes, you’re right Don! I’ll check if I can find an alarm clock. You know, a programmable one. Maybe you can program it in such way it rings on the time we want to have our food?


Our New Toy

Donna and I got a new toy for our birthday last month. Missy recorded a video while we were playing with it.

If you watched the video carefully, you might have noticed that Donna is attacking me. I’m happy to prove that my life ain’t that easy. Donna always acts like she’s the little cute girl who’s always chased and beaten up by me, but this video tells you the truth.

In this picture I’m peacefully looking at the toy

This picture shows Donna attacking me 😦


Missy Day

We don’t know where our mommy lives. It’s a sad thing, I know, especially when it’s Mother’s Day. Donna and me would love to give our mommy a present, a bird or a mouse, but for that, we have to know where she lives. Our humans don’t know it either, they adopted us from the shelter. Because we liked to celebrate Mother’s Day, we created something for our human Missy.

It’s created from one of our toys and Missy could use it to clean her face with. I thought it would be a nice present and Donna agreed with me. She even lent me a paw to create it.

Missy was so happy with it, couldn’t believe we made it for her. Because she felt sorry for our toy being ruined for her sake, she bought us a new one.

Well, we got a whole year to work on that one …