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When you check out our Facebook page you might have noticed that we’ve shared some of the comics of Prideland. It’s a comic about a lion family: father Rodger, mother Akilah and daughters Jordyn and Keely. We first met them on Facebook, where they have their own page. The comics remind us a little to uncle Michael, who use to write stories like this but he used more words because he couldn’t draw.

Enough said … go check out their page which definitely brings a smile to your face 🙂



Feelin’ Cold

Sophie always tells things about me. You know … bad things, like I chase her, steel her food, upset her. What she doesn’t tell is that I’m a caring kitty.


You see, I’m not a bad girl! Because I don’t have as much fur as Sophie, I’m often feeling cold. The cat next door gave us a hammock. Sophie was not interested in it because it smelled like the guy, so I used to sleep in it. Suddenly Sophie got her eye on it, I think because it smelled like me, and climbed into it.


It was a cold day and my feet, tail tip and ear tips were almost frozen. So I kindly asked Sophie if I could lie in the hammock for a moment. Well, you see what her answer was. Missy felt sorry for me and put a blanket on the ground, close to the radiator. And what do you think? Sophie jumped out of the hammock and … lay down on the blanket … I think I heard her mumble “That’s also MINE …”

Donna · Sophie

Kitty Comic

We’ve created a comic strip of some of our photos. I don’t know if it was comical at all, but this is how humans call it.

What was the issue? I spotted a terrible creature and didn’t want to scare the humans. So I had to make up a plan. I informed Donna about the situation and after discussing the plan, we took action. I’m glad we succeeded and the humans didn’t find out …