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De uil en het uilskuiken


Om deze babbelkous beter te leren kennen, knoopte Sophie een praatje met haar aan.

  • Hallo, wie ben jij?
  • Ik ben Milky en jij?
  • Ik ben Sophie. Ben jij een vogel?
  • Ja, een uil en jij?
  • Ik ben een poes. Wat eet jij?
  • Muizen en andere kleine dieren. En jij?
  • Wat mijn mensen mij geven. Best lekker maar veel te weinig. Ik zou ook wel een muisje lusten. Waar haal jij ze?
  • Ik vang ze.
  • Oh, zouden we samen op muizenjacht gaan?
  • Kan jij vliegen?
  • Hoezo? Muizen kunnen toch ook niet vliegen?

Juist Sophie, muizen kunnen niet vliegen … 😉

The owl and the owlet

To get to know this chatterbox better, Sophie started to chat with her.

  • Hello, who are you?
  • I’m Milky and you?
  • I’m Sophie. Are you a bird?
  • Yes, an owl and you?
  • I’m a kitty. What do you eat?
  • Mice and other small animals. And you?
  • Whatever my humans give me. Pretty tasty but far too little. I would also like to eat a mouse. Where do you get them?
  • I catch them.
  • Oh, shall we go on a mouse hunt together?
  • Can you fly?
  • Why? Mice can’t fly either!

Right Sophie, mice can’t fly … 😉

Donna · English

Lady Chatter Teeth

Donna loves gazing at flying objects, especially birds. When she hears birds flying by our window she almost flies on the window-sill and if there wasn’t an insect screen or glass in front she would fly out of the window to catch them. The only thing she can do is gazing and making sounds with her teeth. It sounds like she’s feeling cold so I asked her if she was feeling okay.

  • Don, how are you?
  • I’m fine, why do you ask?
  • Well, you make sounds with your teeth, like you’re feeling cold …
  • Don’t know what you mean …

A moment later a bird flew by and the chattering started again.

  • That’s what I meant, Don
  • Oh, that … it’s a thing with my jaws can’t control it … when I see a tasty bird it starts … doesn’t that happen to you?
  • No, I have such thing with my tail when I see Missy … it’s a cat-thing, I think
  • With your tail? Oh, I remember it starts hitting things … has something to do with marking your territory which happens to be my territory too by the way …
  • You know what the Dutch word is they use for the thing you do with your teeth? It’s “mekkeren” … that word is also used for the sound a goat makes … hahaha … in English however, these are different words; bleating is used for the sound a goat makes and moaning for the sound you make …
  • Are you finished? I may be Lady Chatter Teeth but you are Lady Chatter Box for sure!




It’s not so bad to be a Pet

Sophie hasn’t said a meow to me, since I posted that video of her drinking water. However this morning, she suddenly started to talk to me …

– Listen, Don …
– What?
– I hear my food is calling me …
– You hear your what is calling you?
– My food! I got to follow my nose …

After that, she started singing a song that I heard before with other lyrics. It seems that Sophie wrote the new lyrics for an old song called “Follow That Dream”. She called it “Follow My Nose” and created a karaoke video so every one can sing along with her.

In case you want to rehearse yourself, here are the lyrics 😉



Sophie’s Thirsty

Sophie broke her promise: she shouldn’t go to the beach to eat with the birds, the sea gulls, but she went. Well, to be more precize: she didn’t go to the beach, them gulls came to our street. So from that point of view, Sophie didn’t break her promise.

They threw a wild party, those gulls, with lot of screaming and fluttering around some garbage they found. Sophie was gazing at them from a safe spot and I observed the party from behind my window. It was disgusting to see how the gulls pulled out the trash of the garbage bags and threw it all over the place. Some started fighting, like they were drunk (and maybe they were).

Suddenly they broke up and flew away while screaming loud. After they were gone, “brave” Sophie showed up and started sniffing the garbage. I think I saw her eating something, but I’m not sure. Then I noticed her walking to a bottle, sniffing, nipping, making funny faces and running off.

The next morning Missy recorded this video:

After seeing this, I think Sophie has had it with parties for the time being.

Donna · Sophie

Happy Bird Day!!!

We are celebrating our birthday this month. Because we didn’t know what to ask and who to invite this year, we decided to ask Missy if she had a suggestion.

Missy showed us an article she’d just read. It seems that they’re looking for volunteers who want to hunt mice in the east of the country. Because the hunt starts next month, we thought it would be a nice present but we also wanted to have something now and more close to our home.

We heard that the coast has been terrorized by sea gulls for a while. The gulls steal people’s food in a bold way. They also attack people. Because they’re very big, we girls are not able to hunt them. We think they would even manage to lift up Donna and fly away with her. But we have another plan: we’ll go to the shore and watch them gulls. If they steal food and fly away with it, we follow them on the ground. When they drop their food, which they often do, we pick it up and run off with it. It’s also a kind of hunt, but in a different way. Brings some new excitement.


After seeing this picture, Donna started to hesitate:

– Soph, are that sea girls?
– No, it are sea GULLS.
– But they’re enormous!
– Yes, they are that’s why we’re not going to hunt them.
– They’re not looking friendly.
– They aren’t friendly, Don.
– I don’t wanna go …
– Then I’ll go alone, you’ll regret it …
– I’ll ask Missy for a fish, I’m not going to risk my tail for some third mouth food …
– Third mouth food?
– Yes, first it was the human’s, then that gull stole it, dropped it and we’re supposed to pick it up and eat it … very unhygienic, by the way …
– Well, if you see it that way … maybe we’ll better skip this adventure and wait till next month …
– Sounds like a great idea …