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Sophie was so happy to have “her” own fan page that she wrote a poem for it:


Missy asked me (Donna) to be the admin, which I gratefully accepted.

It’s not so bad to be a pet on the internet …


Kitty Bag

Sophie went out for a walk. At least, that’s what she told me. The truth is that Missy put her in a bag and took her outside.

Earlier that day, Missy showed up with a kitty bag and we girls know what that means: get your tail out of here, she’s gonna get you, put you in that bag and take you to the vet. But nothing happened and we got suspicious.

I noticed Sophie was crying from one eye for a couple of weeks and thought that might be the reason Missy got the “mobile home” to take her to the vet. No, of course she wasn’t crying, she said. It was her eye that was weeping all the time. “I have a weeping eye,” she said, “I don’t know why my eye is sad, though. I hope my Prince will stop by and comfort it.” She’s so romantic, you know. She thinks a White Tailed Prince will come to rescue her.

In the afternoon, Sophie was lying in the window still, dreaming about her Prince, I assume. I heard Missy’s calling her and moments later, she showed up with Sophie in the bag. Sophie didn’t give a meow, which was pretty tough, I think.

When they returned, Sophie walked almost majestically out of the bag and started washing her eye. I assumed that she would be mad at Missy, but she did everything to attract Missy’s attention. She didn’t say a word to me, acted like I didn’t existed. I have to admit that I didn’t take pains to approach her, I was lying in the sun observing her strange behavior.

Since she’s back home, Sophie’s playing “Catch Me If You Can” with Missy. It seems that Missy has to cream Sophie’s eye for a week. Sophie doesn’t feel like that, so she walks away when Missy approaches her. Maybe I should support Sophie a little more and protect her from the humans. Bossy seems be part of the plot as well, so the poor girl isn’t safe in this house anymore. The only one who can rescue her by now is her White Tailed Prince …


How to have a good chat with your cat

Missy found something new: it’s a website teaching humans how to communicate with us cats. Well, I think I understand Missy quite well and she understands me. Sophie is another story. She refuses to listen to Missy except when she wants something from her: food or a hug.



It’s kind of strange, I think, that humans who are supposed to be so intelligent, need websites like that. Well, Missy decided to test the suggestions given on the website on Sophie. When Sophie noticed Missy approaching her, she started to yawn and turned her head away. Missy didn’t give up, went down on the floor and started to talk to Sophie while caressing her. Sophie didn’t give a meow … she kept on looking away from Missy. After a couple of minutes Missy understood that she wasn’t welcome and left Sophie alone.

After dinner, Sophie started complaining about Missy’s behaviour. ‘That silly human, what did she want from me? I was resting and she found it necessary to disturb me. I told her, but she didn’t understand. The only good thing about it was that she didn’t start singing to me. Have you ever heard that? Sounds terrible, hurts my poor ears.’

Some time later, Sophie forgot what she had told me, I think. She jumped on the table and allowed Missy to brush her fur. And Missy … Missy sang to her …


Bedroom secrets

The following article I quote from a newspaper:
Some people rather sleep with their cat than with their partner, in spite of the fact that the little creature has a smelly breath and it takes the biggest part of the bed in possession.

This is concluded by a British lady who has spoken to a hundred cat owners. I am going to analyze this conclusion and give you my informed option from the cat’s perspective:

1. Some people rather sleep with their cat than with their partner: this is totally clear to me; I wonder why this is mentioned.
2. in spite of the fact that the little creature has a smelly breath: why, smelly breath? Did you ever smell your own breath?
3. and it takes the biggest part of the bed in possession: What? You take the biggest part of the bed and toss about all night so that I wake up all the time. Do you find it odd that I have to sleep by day to make it up?

This conclusion doesn’t make any sense, as you notice. But what do you want? The research is done by a human and the cat’s contribution has not been asked for. The right conclusion of the research should have been:
Because some people rather sleep with their cat than with their partner, we cats are forced to give up a big part of our bed to them and take the smelly breath of the human into the bargain.

Now that I have translated the article to English I’m going to send it to that lady because I, naturally, expect a response with the necessary excuses.