Raindrops Keep Fallin’

Long time no see, you might think. Well, we girls have been very busy creating stuff. One of the results is this video, featuring Sophie and a Tap. Sophie is obsessed by water dripping from the tap. She just doesn’t get it … asks herself and me (Donna) where it comes from and where it’s going. Then she heard this song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”. She loved it and it inspired her to write new lyrics to it. It’s about time we girls take some singing lessons so we can add our own vocals to future videos.


Bring Me Fish

Donna loves music; to be more specific: Donna loves music of Willie Nelson. A while ago, I wrote new lyrics to an old song and called it Follow My Nose. This inspired Donna to create a karaoke video too. She already had some ideas about the new lyrics of Whiskey River so she hired somebody to help her with the video.

She managed to rewrite the lyrics in such a way that also cats can understand them. Now she’s secretly dreaming that Willie will sing her version to her 🙂


It’s not so bad to be a Pet

Sophie hasn’t said a meow to me, since I posted that video of her drinking water. However this morning, she suddenly started to talk to me …

– Listen, Don …
– What?
– I hear my food is calling me …
– You hear your what is calling you?
– My food! I got to follow my nose …

After that, she started singing a song that I heard before with other lyrics. It seems that Sophie wrote the new lyrics for an old song called “Follow That Dream”. She called it “Follow My Nose” and created a karaoke video so every one can sing along with her.

In case you want to rehearse yourself, here are the lyrics 😉



Whiskas River …

Whiskey River … eh, that can’t be right … I’m sure he didn’t mean that …

Whisker River, eh no … that either …

WHISKAS RIVER TAKE MY MIIIIIND … Yeah, yeah, that’s it!!!

That’s what I heard Donna mumbling and singing while I was making my rounds. I stopped to listen, shook my head and continued my round. What’s wrong with that girl?

A little later, I asked her what she was doing.
Donna: I was rehearsing for the concert next month.
Me: Which concert?
Donna: The concert of my favorite human.
Me: The one with the bandana and braids?
Donna: Who else?
Me: But what was that song you were singing?
Donna: Well, my friend calls it “Whiskey River” but I think it’s a mistake. I think he means “Whiskas River”. I still have to tell him.

I found this picture, Missy took on her last vacation, and I’m pretty sure the title of that song is “Whiskey River” but I better not tell Donna.