Donna · Sophie

What we are busy with

Wonder why we waited so long writing a new blog? We are BUSY! We have a Facebook page¬†which we update frequently, we have our jobs and we help Missy with housekeeping stuff. And yet, people wonder why we are tired …

This picture shows Sophie watching a bird (she calls them FlapFlaps). We have to prevent those creatures entering our house.


In this picture I am watching over the neighbourhood:


This picture shows Sophie as a model. She likes looking pretty.


These photos prove our hard working:

After seeing this, do you still think it’s strange we’re exhausted?



Donna Dry

I warned Donna several times not to sleep in the drying machine and what do you think? This afternoon happened what I feared. The human was drying the wash but decided to leave the house. She switched off the drying machine and opened its door. As soon as she’d left the house, Donna went in the machine to take a nap. She likes a warm and humid climate, she told me.

The human returned after a while, walked straight to the machine, closed the door and turned it on. The machine sounded like there was something heavy inside. De human noticed this, walked back to the machine, switched it off, opened the door and guess who jumped out of it? Right: Donna!

“I told you it is dangerous to sleep in there, Don.”
“Why? It was nice and warm. The only disadvantage was that it started moving. That made me wake up in an unpleasant way, so I left. The good thing is that I’m dry, Donna Dry.”