Donna · English

Lady Chatter Teeth

Donna loves gazing at flying objects, especially birds. When she hears birds flying by our window she almost flies on the window-sill and if there wasn’t an insect screen or glass in front she would fly out of the window to catch them. The only thing she can do is gazing and making sounds with her teeth. It sounds like she’s feeling cold so I asked her if she was feeling okay.

  • Don, how are you?
  • I’m fine, why do you ask?
  • Well, you make sounds with your teeth, like you’re feeling cold …
  • Don’t know what you mean …

A moment later a bird flew by and the chattering started again.

  • That’s what I meant, Don
  • Oh, that … it’s a thing with my jaws can’t control it … when I see a tasty bird it starts … doesn’t that happen to you?
  • No, I have such thing with my tail when I see Missy … it’s a cat-thing, I think
  • With your tail? Oh, I remember it starts hitting things … has something to do with marking your territory which happens to be my territory too by the way …
  • You know what the Dutch word is they use for the thing you do with your teeth? It’s “mekkeren” … that word is also used for the sound a goat makes … hahaha … in English however, these are different words; bleating is used for the sound a goat makes and moaning for the sound you make …
  • Are you finished? I may be Lady Chatter Teeth but you are Lady Chatter Box for sure!




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