Miss Whiskers

I found a picture of Donna hugging a doll. When I asked her why she was hugging that doll, she said that it wasn’t her. “It’s Miss Whiskers,” she said. I never heard of Miss Whiskers and asked how this photo appeared in our gallery. “Well, if you take a close look to it,” Donna said, “you’ll notice that the doll is in a suitcase with Miss Whiskers. So I assume Missy took a picture of them when she was on vacation.”


I don’t know why, but I had the feeling that Donna was telling a story. Then I remembered another picture and confronted Donna with it:donnaloveswillie-1“Oh, that’s Miss Whiskers too,” Donna said after seeing the picture.

– Did I ever met her, Don?
– How should I know?
– Have you ever met her?
– No …
– Well, how do you know it’s Miss Whiskers?
– Because I never had a furdo like that!


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