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Outta Space

Donna published something on our Facebook page, about me abducted by aliens:

What she didn’t tell is that them aliens gave me that thing on the picture. They were such nice and generous creatures, looking and smelling like green apples with big heads and nice big eyes.

Here’s a picture of them:








Sweet looking fellows, right?

So as a memory to my visit (eh … abduction) they gave me a food machine that looks like a flying saucer. They also left a little note, saying: “A gift from us, so you will be reminded to your pleasant stay with us and know that it wasn’t just a sweet dream. Now you never have to be hungry again, sweet fluffy earth creature” 🙂

Miss Donna didn’t pay attention to the new object and I was a little scared of it in the first place. Then I found out it offered food after it bleeped and that made me feel happy. It didn’t take long before Donna “discovered” the advantages of the thing too. I didn’t give her permission to eat from it, but you know Donna; madam needs permission from no one, she always does what she wants. Since she claimed the food machine to be hers, I think I’m going to send my alien friends a WhatsApp message (hope they can receive that in their universe), asking them to abduct Donna and keep her so she won’t bother me anymore …



2 thoughts on “Outta Space

  1. It’s not nice to say such things about your little sis on internet, Sophie! Do you really want me to disappear? It would make me feel sad if you want …


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