Donna · Sophie

Adoptive parents

Some stories have to be told and this is one of them. The best way to illustrate this story is to write down the conversations between me and my little sister Donna. It happened quite a long time ago, but I slightly remember how it went.

Don, where are we?
Don’t know …
Are we at home?
Don’t think so
Why did they sent us away?
Don’t know, that’s what I said!
But I don’t like it here!
Neither do I!
There are many other cats
Well, what fun that is!
I just heard one of the cats telling he’s been adop … eh … adopt
By humans?
Not sure
Well, have fun!
But they first had to snip him, he said
Do they have a hairdresser over here?
I think so …

The next day, they put us in a kitty bag.

Don, where are we going?
How should I know …
Maybe we go to the hairdresser
Do you really believe it?
Why not?
Does it smell like a hairdresser over here?
How should I know, I’ve never been to a hairdresser before!

When we woke up, we felt very strange.

Don, I don’t feel well
Neither do I
Did the hairdresser do that?
How should I know?
Where are we?
Back at the other cats, so it smells
I have pain …


After a while I felt better, but Donna kept on sulking.

Don, maybe they also adop … adopt … eh us?
I really don’t know
Oh look, they’re going to take a picture of us
Not from me!
Come on, you don’t want to stay here, do you?
Don’t know … I don’t trust anyone anymore …

Because the pain didn’t go away, they put me in a kitty bag again and took me away.

Don, I need to go to the hairdresser again …
Well, I’m not joining you
I don’t ant to leave you
It seems like we have nothing to want over here …

When I woke up, Donna was hissing at me. Not quite a nice welcome.

Don, why are you hissing at me?
You go, leaving me alone … where have you been? You’re smelling strange …
At the hairdresser’s, I think. I feel so strange …
Here, take a bite …
Have you heard anything about that adop … adopt … eh?
Yeah, humans came to pick up that cat and other humans came to look at me
Oh, that’s good news
What’s good about it?
Well, maybe we are able to leave this cage
I don’t want to live with humans anymore. I hissed at those humans. Take a hike!
That’s not nice

After another week, a human came to see us. Donna was so upset that she was hiding behind me and hissed constantly.

Don … Don … look, maybe she will adop … adopt … eh us
Take a hike!
Hello madam, I’m a cute kitty and the hisser behind me is my angry little sister
Beat it!
Stop it, Don!


More humans came to see us and the lady we met before also returned. This time she brought a giant. At least, I thought it was a giant. She wasn’t afraid of him, even if he was growling all the time …

Don, we are adop … adopt … eh … great isn’t it?
Might be …

They put us again in kitty bags. Donna seemed to be a little more positive, but didn’t want to get caught and put in a kitty bag so I had to wait all the time.

Are you finally there?
I want to go home!
Yeah, where else do you think we’re going?
To the hairdresser? Or maybe to the pedicure this time …
How funny you are!

When we finally arrived at our home, we were released from our kitty bags. Donna immediately ran off and I couldn’t find her anymore.

Don, where are you going?
I need some time for myself
Please come back, Don …
Leave me alone!

I heard the woman say: “Hey, there were two of them, weren’t there? The little one didn’t escape, did she?” She checked out the hall, but the giant said that he hadn’t seen a kitty running out of the house. The woman was very concerned but decided to leave us alone so we got time to get used to our new home.

Psst … Don …
Come over here, they have tasty food
Oh, I’m not hungry!
Good for me, then I eat it all

Some time later, Donna left her shelter, ate some food, went on the kitty litter and returned to her secret shelter, as she called it.

Good food, isn’t it?
When are you about to show up?
Don’t know
It’s not nice for the humans
That’s not of my concern
You can show some gratefulness, at least
Why? They’ll send us away anyway!
How do you know?

After three days, madam Donna finally showed up, well, the giant opened a closed in the kitchen and Donna jumped off. She gained acces through a plinth and was hiding behind the pans.

So, are you there at last?
I try, but when I don’t succeed they’ll never see me again!
They giant had found you, right?
No, that was a coincident
But you came out
What else could I do? Maybe he wanted me for dinner

At a certain moment I spotted Donna on the woman’s lap

That’s not fair, Don. It’s my human
Not anymore! Take the giant
I don’t dare. Why don’t you take him?
I better watch out! Maybe he’ll eat me
Do you really believe it? You’re a skeleton wearing a fur coat
I’m what?
Like I meow … there isn’t a grain of fat on your bones

It took us a while to get used to our new life and being less afraid of the giant. He’s our best friend by now who secretly gives us fresh meat and chicken when Missy doesn’t look. Donna still brawls a lot, knows everything better, but you might have read that in one of the many stories Missy has written down on our instructions.

Sometimes I still don’t understand humans. They leave, let other humans take care of us. Those people smell like dog and other cats. Where are our humans? To the hairdresser? Donna says they’re staying in a hotel with other humans. I don’t understand they do that on their own free will. They have us, don’t they? Or are they put in human bags and brought to a hotel? I have to check that with Donna.

It also happens that Missy smells like other cats. Then we know she takes care of the cats next door when their humans aren’t home. The guy is such a bragger, oppressing his poor little sister. He wanted to visit us one time, I raised my back and made my tail look enormous. He didn’t know how fast to return to his house. He’s also afraid of Donna.

One day, he sits on the stairs in the hall, when Donna approaches him.
“Hello,” Donna say in her sweetest voice. Then the guy starts hissing. Donna is going to sit right in front of him, looking at him in an intimidating way. She notices he doesn’t dare to pass her. Missy tries to help him, although I don’t understand why. Donna walks away and he attempts on going home. Suddenly Donna shows up again and tries to hit him. He doen’t know how fast to run back to his house. Donna enters our home, glowing from excitement and proud, mumbles she’s a tough cookie, walks up the stairs to the attic and falls asleep.

Typical Donna, loving fast actions. I’m more quiet that’s why we sometimes collide with each other. Although she older now, she’s still active, but she sleeps more. She’s always looking for action, but doesn’t like to party. I love Halloween, but she doesn’t like to know about it.

Well, you’ve probably have read some of our stories on this website. It was Donna’s idea to write them in English, but I suggested to translate some of them because I also want Dutch speaking people to understand them.



former name “Stoppie”, Donna’s name was “Dondertje” (Little Thunder) – I don’t have to explain you why 😉


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