Other cats

A Good Neighbour Is Better Than A Brother Far Off

That’s what a humans’ proverb says … I doubt it and rather have a brother far off and I’ll tell you why:

This is the old guy next door:


Missy the human takes care of him and his adopted sister when their humans are on vacation. He’s an old guy and talks a lot, knows everything better … maybe you know these kind of guys … Well, let me tell you this: he “escaped” to the hall of our building some time ago and I, Donna, wanted to keep him company. When I approached him in a friendly way, he started hissing. I think he was afraid of me, didn’t dare to pass me and go home. Missy tried to calm him down and to lift him up, but the hissing and growling started again … well now he knows who rules the hall: it’s me, kitty Donna … the toughest cookie in the world!

This is our other old neighbour:


I never met him in person but I was told he attacks dogs when they enter his territory. He hates dogs, especially BIG dogs … I think I like him, he’s a tough cookie, like me … well almost …



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