World Wide Whiskers

Missy likes taking photos of cats, also during her travels.

Donna sometimes recognises some of the cats and kitties in the pictures.

“You know who that is, Sophie?” She asked me after pointing to this picture. “It’s my cousin Donita, from Mexico. She is such a brave kitty. I hope she will visit me some day.”


If it’s her cousin, it’s mine too! So why don’t I know her?

“And this, this is Donnadonis from Rhodes Island in Greece,” she continued.


“Isn’t she pretty? She’s a great mouser too. She lives in an old temple with other cats and kittens:”

GreekKittens-1 GreekKittens-2

“Oh, how I would love to visit them. I don’t like flying, as you know, and they aren’t able to visit me because they have to take care of each other.”

“Don,” I interrupted her, “if it are your cousins, it are mine too.”
“Mmm, not sure, can be. Anyway, they look like me and are tough cookies too. I also have pictures of other cats living in Rhodes Island,” she continued. “Here are some of them:”

A guy with a jug ear

His friend, RedCat

A guy, member of the Greek Tail Committee

A shy girl

A girl, living in the hotel where Bossy and Missy stayed

My favourite picture of the hotel girl

“You know, Sophie, we should consider setting up a World Wide Whiskers Gallery with photos from cats all over the world,” Donna suggested.

I have to admit, sometimes that ‘tough cookie’ has great ideas.




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