Trick or Treat – part 2

Our suits arrived on time and we were checking how we looked in them:


Sophie liked her Mega Mindy mask and I couldn’t decide on the hat:



To be honest: I didn’t like them both …

I have a nice hat, the same as Nefertiti and I decided to wear that one


Don’t you think I look pretty?

Sophie asked why I wasn’t wearing one of the hats she ordered. I told her they were too large. She started making jokes about my beautiful Nefertiti hat which upset me so much that I refused to go out with her for the trick or treat thing. She left the house very upset, yelling that she wouldn’t share the treats with me.

An hour later, she returned soaked to skin. I almost felt sorry for her, but then she started throwing treats to my hat.

“Here!” she screamed, “and another one … those stupid humans gave me treats for kids, not for kitties! And then it started raining … it’s all your fault, Don, and you know it!”

Well, if miss Sophie is in that kind of mood, I better move my tail to the attic and so I did.

After a while I heard her calling: “Don … Donna … are you ready?” Ready for what? “The party … our friends will arrive soon. Oh, and don’t forget to put your witch hat on. I don’t want our friends to see you dressed up like Nefer … eh … whatever her name is.”

See, now she plays tricks on me …



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