Trick or Treat – part 1

It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m getting ready for Halloween and ordered my Mega Mindy suit. Every year I try to convince Donna to accompany me to the Halloween parties I’m invited. I just asked her to go out with me for the “Trick or Treat”.

S – Trick or Treat
D – Trick or what?
S – Treat
D – Why?
S – It’s a Halloween thing, Don.
D – Then I don’t like it!
S – Come on, Don, I just ordered my Mega Mindy suit and sent out the invites for the party
D – Mega Mindy … Party?
S – Yes, this year it’s in our house and you can’t stop me
D – Oh no?
S – No and I already ordered a suit for you as well because you’re always late with that
D – So, what did you order for me?
S – A witch suit 🙂
D – Which suit?
S – Here’s a picture of it:


S – Well, what do you think of it?
D – Mmm … I only want the hat, not the black fur
S – Which one:

D – I think the second one matches my fur better
S – Okay, I’ll check if it’s still available
D – What looks your suit like?
S – Here’s a picture of the mask:


S – I also ordered a nice pink cape
D – Well, let’s go for the Trick or Treat thing then …

to be continued ..


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