Social Independent Care Kitty

Donna says she’s a SICK. I first thought she was feeling sick, that’s why I called Missy to take her to the vet. Last week, Bossy showed me an article in the local news paper:

Social Independent Care Kitty

This article tells a story about a German cat who visits a home for elderly humans. It makes the old humans feel happy and they’re looking forward to the weekly visit of the furry guy.

While browsing the internet, I even found more articles about cats and kitties visiting elderly homes. So it’s seems to be a booming kitty business and Donna, smart as she is, jumped into it. She even created her own business card:

Donna's Business Card

The business card says Donna is a Social Independent Comfort Kitty, so I asked her why she named it “Comfort” instead of “Care”.

[D] “Well, see … sometimes humans feel lonely and sad and then I comfort them.”

[S] “But don’t you take care of them?”

[D] “No, I care for them.”

[S] “Just tell me: you always hide when Bossy and Missy have visitors, you don’t like to travel in a kitty bag and you certainly don’t like to wear a collar. How do you deal with that while visiting the elderly homes?

[D] “Visiting? No, I’m not going there, I contact my seniors on the internet.”

Typically Donna, always being creative. I never heard about a kitty caring on line for a human. Well it might be a nice alternative for people who are allergic to us cats and kitties …


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