Sad Tail


Yesterday, after Missy came home, she asked what was wrong with my tail. “My tail? What can be wrong with my tail?” I asked her while turning around. My tail was there so I didn’t know what she meant. Later that evening, Donna started asking me questions about my tail. It really began to irritate me. I have a beautiful tail that reflects my moods in a perfect and elegant way. Most of the time I’m happy or curious; my tail is in the air by then. Sometimes I’m upset, my tail is big by then. Missy always says I look like a rare pedigree with that upset tail. I noticed that jumping was a little difficult for me so I decided to do some tail research myself. You might wonder how I did that? How can a girl do better research on her tail than by washing it? Well, that’s what I did, I washed it! I started at the end of my back as usual. There was nothing wrong and it didn’t hurt. An inch from my back my tail looked weird, it was hanging down, looked like it was broken. I tried to lift it up, but only the first part worked and the rest of my tail didn’t do anything else than hanging down. It was so sad to see my beautiful tail like that.

My beautiful tail is not visible in this picture

This afternoon, Missy took me to the vet. After a lot of squeezing in my body, legs and tail the vet concluded that I didn’t feel pain and my tail didn’t need splints to heal. I think my tail is feeling sad. Maybe I should pay more attention to it, wash it more and tell it how beautiful it looks. That will heal it quickly for sure!


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