A Little Attention

I said, Don … Don, I said, I wish I was that plant. It gets more attention than I. Even that spot of light gets more attention. Do you understand that human? Well, I don’t! I saw her staring at a picture of us one day. She didn’t even notice that I was standing behind her. You know what the thing is with that human, Don? Let me tell you: since she’s staring through that black box, she forgets about the real world around her. I was told that when the clock strikes twelve, that thing will grow on her eye. That’s why I want to warn her and also because I want a HUG and I’m HUNGY!!!


Mmm … I get your point, Soph. I also noticed that but I have some tricks to get her attention. When she’s sitting on the ground with that black box, I go sit on her lap. Once she was leaning against the stairs, taking some pics of a flower, so I climbed the stairs and poked her. Since Missy can’t resist me, I always get the attention I need. When I want a hug, I first give her a hug; when I’m hungry, I ask for food. It’s as simple as that!


Oh, Don … I think I understand what you’re saying. You’re such a smart cookie! Do you believe the black box will grow on Missy’s eye when the clock strikes twelve?

Of course not, Soph! Where did you hear that? It’s the silliest thing I ever heard! Missy was born with that black box on her eye!


One thought on “A Little Attention

  1. Don, I followed your advise and it worked! After I poked Missy, she started petting me and after I asked her for food, she gave it to me 🙂 What a smart cookie you are!


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