Ready to ship

We love boxes. The smaller the box, the better. Humans are always surprised to see how we cats manage to fit into the tiniest boxes. We don’t climb into boxes to entertain the humans, though. It’s a cats thing, I’m not going to explain in this article.

A couple of days ago, Missy received a box with something she ordered. As soon as she’d emptied the box, Sophie tried to climb into it. She only managed to put in her front legs and the rest of her was outside the box. After she stepped out, I heard her mumbling while examining the box. This stepping in and out went on for a while.

After observing Sophie for a day, I showed her how to put your whole body into the box:

I’m not sure if she got it, but this was her version:

I’m quite sure about one thing, though: Sophie is definitely not ready to ship!


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