It’s a virus!!!

Don … Donna … Donnahaaa …

Where’s the fire???
It’s a virus!!!
Somebody hacked our beautiful blog, Don!
Oh, that …
You know about it?
Yes, it ought to be a surprise. Missy and I felt so bad about your Halloween party that we decided to select a cool new theme for the blog. If you scroll down, you’ll see them cute little houses that look a little Hallowenish.
Oh … I’m sorry, I thought somebody sent us a virus …
Well, don’t you like it?
Mmm … don’t know … it’s so … eh … so pink …
That what you said of the old theme too when you fist saw it …

Missy worked very hard on it, you know, but if you want the old theme back I’ll ask her to reactivate it.
Oh, no … I think I like it …. yes, lets scroll down and look at the cute little houses …

Don … I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m going to tell Missy … 🙂

Miss … Missy … Mihissy …


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