I’m upset. Not just in a bad mood, but really upset. What happened? Donna and I should organize the annual Halloween party this year. You know I love parties and I’m always looking forward to Halloween.
The moment I started to invite our friends, Donna said she didn’t feel well. I thought it was a hair ball that bothered her because kept on throwing up. To be sick for more than two days of a hair ball is little strange, though. On the third day, Missy put her in the Kitty Bag and took her to the vet. They returned in less than an hour. When I asked Donna what was wrong, she said they didn’t know. She’s got a shot against nausea and when that didn’t help she had to return to the clinic for some tests.
I was a little worried, I have to admit. That night Donna slept in the Kitty Bag, which is very unusual.

The good thing was that she didn’t chase me, like she used to. Well, at least it was good for me.

Two days later it looked like she had recovered so I kindly asked her if she was able to lend me a paw on the Halloween party preparations. “Hallowhat?” she said. For a moment I thought she was going to throw up again. I reminded her of the promise we made to our friends. “Hallowhere?”, she answered.

“Here in our house of course!”
“On October 31, like every year!”
“Oh no, we can’t do that, Soph. My stomache feels so weak. When I see all those monsters wandering around our house I might get sick again. Can’t you organize it somewhere else?”

I felt so disappointed, she knows how much I like Halloween and now she asks me to organize it somewhere else. The kitty next door isn’t home at Halloween and I don’t know if the other cats in our street want me to organize the party in their house. Because Missy felt sorry for me, she created a special Halloween card.

I still hope Donna changes her mind or I’ll be invited to another party because I already ordered my costume …

Happy Halloween!!!


2 thoughts on “Hallowhat?

  1. Zorro Cat read this article and felt sorry for me. He took me to a party and there I met some other cats who invited me to their parties. Zorro Cat accompanied me, he’s so nice …


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