Donna’s Allergy

Missy put the Kitty Bag in the hall. It was there for days. Sometimes she moved it a little. We didn’t pay too much attention to it, though. Suddenly, I heard Donna cry and I knew what that meant: Missy had put her into the bag. Yes, girl, now it’s your turn to go to the vet, I thought.

When they returned, I asked Donna what happened:
– Well, what do you think?
– They put something against fleas and worms in your neck, I can smell it.
– Yeah, they’re crazy out there, you know.

Then she showed me her tongue, pointed to it and tried to say something.
– What?
– Bub … all …
– Don, you have a spotted tongue!
– That’s what I said!
– What’s wrong with it?
– It’s an allergy, the doctor said.
– An allergy? What are you allergic for?
– You mean, WHO?
– No … is it possible then?
– I’m afraid so, Soph.
– Is it Missy?
– Mmm … I don’t think so … anyway, they gave me a shot and they want to see me again soon.


A few weeks later, the Kitty Bag was waiting again in the hall. Donna went in and did a nap. Missy didn’t take any action, so I think it wasn’t time to go yet. Later that day, I heard the famous Donna cry again. Missy tried to comfort her with sweet words, but it didn’t help.

Donna really suprised me when they got back.
– And?
– What and?
– How’s your tongue?
– Oh, that … it’s still allergic, got to go back again.
– And you don’t care?
– No, I went out shopping after the visit to the vet. I went to the bank and to a bookstore. Very interesting. They have a fish shop too at the mall. I’ll ask Missy if she takes me there next time and you know what, Soph? I’ll buy you a fish!


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