Donna’s Trophy

I’m a famous cookie by now, at least I think I am. What happened? Missy entered a photo contest last year. The subject was “The New Way Of Working”. If there’s anyone who knows about working, it’s me. I like to work on the computer, you know. But sometimes it’s so nice and warm that I can’t resist to take a nap on it. Missy took some photos while I was preparing my well deserved nap, framed them and sent the result to the initiators of the contest.

All photos were shown on the internet and people had to vote for them. My photo got enough votes for the second place 🙂 Now I’m also a proud cookie. I got a trophy, a bouquet of tulips and a box with art images. The tulips, I donated to Sophie and the images to Missy. They were so happy with it. I kept the trophy, of course, it’s such an interesting object.

I think Sophie is a little jealous, though. She thinks she’s a top model and now my photo has won. Some people get rich while they’re sleeping, this girl got famous.


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