Donna’s G’dichtje (Donna’s Poem)

Donna’s discovered the poet in herself and she want to share it with the rest of the world. There’s only one slight problem … her poem is written in Dutch. Since most humans in “the rest of the world” don’t understand Dutch, I’ll try to explain what Donna’s poem is about.

I was born with feline ears
and a beautiful satin coat
that I, like a lady, should gracefully wear
a lady with a lot of venom

I grew up with feline eyes
that can see clear in the dark
with whirring and purring, I’ll charm you
and I’ll bring you a mouse by the way

Well that was hard to translate, and it doesn’t rhyme, but I think you’ll get the message. I don’t know about poetry, but I have to admit Donna did a nice job.


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