Cake delivery …

The purple text is written (or said) by Sophie, the black text by Donna.

Missy was baking a cake … Yeah a cake and a pizza … and we were not allowed to enter the kitchen … Yeah we were locked out of the kitchen … Don! Yeah? Don’t you interrupt me all the time! I don’t interrupt you, you’re not telling the whole story …

Well, when the cake was ready, the pizza went into the oven. When the pizza was ready it went into Missy’s mouth. How do you know? You weren’t there! We were locked up remember? Let me finish my story, will you? Anyway, I suppose it went into Missy’s mouth because when we were released, there was no pizza and no cake, only the smell of it. Did Missy eat the cake too? In the first place I thought so, but later – after we’ve got our ten o’clock food – Missy entered the room, carrying a small plate with some cake on it. I asked her to share a piece with me and what do you think? She locked us out of the livingroom. Oh, was that why we were abandoned … how selfish! Not only selfish, Don, also cruel! The only thing that human can think of is food, food and food. I’m glad we girls are not like her, we have other things on our minds than a simple cake delivery!


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