Donna · Sophie

Turn out the lights, the party’s over …

The humans were on vacation. Yeah, and we were at home. Because we wanted to invite some friends, we needed to check if there was enough to eat. Yeah, enough to eat … The neighbors took care of us and forgot to close the door of the top closet. Yeah, the top closet, where our food is stored. So I said … what did I say … eh … I said ‘Don, you’re such a good jumper, could you please go up there and check if there’s anything to eat?’ Donna jumped into the closet and started throwing food out of it, almost hittin’ my head with some dried meat and caramel … I started tasting. ‘Mmm, Don, these caramels taste great!’

The purple text is written (or said) by Sophie, the black text by Donna.

‘These caramels are too dur, Sophie, we can’t offer that to our friends,’ Donna concluded after chewing a piece of caramel and spitting out it on the ground, ‘let’s try the dried meat. Why do humans cover that … grrr … I have to take off the wrapping, Soph … just a minute …’ While Donna was fighting with the wrapping, I heard somebody opening the door.

‘Don … Donna … I hear somebody … come out of that closet …’
‘Our friends?’
‘I’m afraid not … I think it’s the human next door.’
‘I don’t have time to clean up …’
‘Leave it there and move your tail to the attic as quick as you can …’

I welcomed the neighbor as friendly as always. Because Donna didn’t show up, she got suspicious … and what do you think? Madam Donna was still sitting in the kitchen, on the floor, crying that she didn’t do it … it fell out of that closet itself … a local earthquake caused it … oh no, it was Sophie because she jumped so hard from the table on the floor … well …

Thank you SIS … grrrr …
I said ‘… MOVE your tail …’ and not ‘… SAVE your tail …’
What has my tail to do with it? That party was your idea. You better WATCH your own tail!


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