Donna · Sophie

Missy’s War

Sophie: Don, what’s wrong with that human?
Donna: Who do you mean, Soph?
Sophie: The she … Missy!
Donna: What do you think?
Sophie: How should I know?
Donna: You stole her food!
Sophie: Well, is that something to act hysterical about?
Donna: It’s not a nice thing to do, Soph, stealing somebody’s food while he or she is eating.
Sophie: You also do, Don! And do I start crying and screaming? No, I don’t! I’m a big girl, I know how to behave!
Donna: You do how to eh … behave?
Sophie: Yes!
Donna: Well, if you did, you wouldn’t bother Missy all the time while she’s eating.
Sophie: It’s my food, she’s eating my food, Sis!
Donna: If it was, it would be in your trough.
Sophie: A lady sometimes wants to eat from a plate in stead of a trough.
Donna: A lady? I’m a lady! My name is Donna, remember?


Donna: You only know four words “I, me, my, and mine.”
Sophie: You’re wrong again, Sis … I know FIVE words: “I, me, my, mine and MEOW.”


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