Whiskas River …

Whiskey River … eh, that can’t be right … I’m sure he didn’t mean that …

Whisker River, eh no … that either …

WHISKAS RIVER TAKE MY MIIIIIND … Yeah, yeah, that’s it!!!

That’s what I heard Donna mumbling and singing while I was making my rounds. I stopped to listen, shook my head and continued my round. What’s wrong with that girl?

A little later, I asked her what she was doing.
Donna: I was rehearsing for the concert next month.
Me: Which concert?
Donna: The concert of my favorite human.
Me: The one with the bandana and braids?
Donna: Who else?
Me: But what was that song you were singing?
Donna: Well, my friend calls it “Whiskey River” but I think it’s a mistake. I think he means “Whiskas River”. I still have to tell him.

I found this picture, Missy took on her last vacation, and I’m pretty sure the title of that song is “Whiskey River” but I better not tell Donna.


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