You don’t know me …

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted Donna while she was looking into the mirror, wearing something strange on her head. I ordered the human to take a picture of her:

Donna Loves Willie

I asked her what it was.

‘It’s a bandana with braids,’ she explained.
‘A what?’
‘A bandana with braids!’
‘Why are you wearing it?’
‘It makes me look like my favorite human.’
‘Oh, do I know her?’
‘It’s a “him”.’
‘Didn’t know that “hims” wear bandanas with braids …’
‘He makes beautiful music.’
‘Music? What has that to do with the bandana-with-braids?’
‘Don’t know … I think it’s his trademark.’

Because I didn’t understand Donna’s new obsession, I walked to the kitchen to find something to eat. A bandana with with braids … beautiful music … it didn’t make any sense to me.

Suddenly I heard somebody humming a song. I went back to see if there was something wrong with Donna. I found her sitting behind the computer. She was listening to a song and sometimes humming while staring to a picture on the monitor: a picture of her favorite human …

Oh, you’ll never ever know,
the one who loved you so
Well, you don’t know me
… meooowww …


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