It’s mine, mine, all MINE

If it comes to food, pretty Sophie changes into a reckless growling monster.

What happened? My dear sister found out how to open the drawer where our cat candy is stored. Well, was stored …

‘Hey Don, look, mmm … want something too?’ Because I liked the dry meat, I accepted it.

‘Soph, don’t you think it’s a wrong thing to do?’
‘What’s a wrong thing to do?’ she asked while trying to open a small box with cheese goodies.
‘Taking the candy without permission of the human.’
‘Who’s candy is it, do you think? Right, ours! So why do we need permission from the human?’
‘If you see it like that, you’re right.’
‘Of course I’m right. If it comes to food, I’m always right.’

After the human found out, she had to laugh a little, called us bad girls and removed the stuff from the drawer. Sophie didn’t give up and continued her raid after the human had left the room.

‘Look Don, there’s also food in this drawer,’ she concluded after throwing the plant on top of the closet to the floor and opening the top drawer.

‘Mmm, it’s mine, mine, all MINE!’ and off she went. When the human found out, and tried to pull the food out of Sophie’s mouth, she started growling and ran away to protect her “prey”. The worst thing was: she didn’t give me any of it. This time she decided to keep it all to herself.

It's Mine ...

After a wild hunt, Sophie decided to handover the food to the human, the she … eh Missy … Because the cover was already damaged, Missy gave me a piece of the candy before she locked it up in another closet.

‘That human!’ I heard Sophie complain, ‘she stole my food, it was mine, mine, all MINE, meaooow!!!’


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