Food Saving Time

Today, Daylight Saving Time has ended. This means that humans turn back the clock for one hour. This also means that when it’s time for us girls to eat, the human says that we have to wait for an hour. It’s pretty unfair, don’t you think? She also told us that half a year ago, the clock turned forward for one hour so we got our food earlier. Half a year ago? Who can remember what happened half a year ago? Are we supposed to believe what she says? We don’t believe in that Daylight Saving Time thing, we think humans introduced Food Saving Time because of the crisis.

It's Mine


5 thoughts on “Food Saving Time

  1. Soph, did you notice? I asked the human if she could give us some extra food so that we can get used to the Daylight Saving Time. And she did! She understood what I meant. After all, she isn’t that bad. What do you think?


  2. Yeah, I did … but I don’t understand why I have to leave the kitchen when she’s preparing food and why I have to leave the living room when she’s eating it. Could you please ask her, sis? Oh … and another thing: keep your paws off my food!


  3. Because you’re trying to steal her food all the time and when she asks you not to do, you don’t listen. I always listen to her, that’s why I never have a problem. Keep my paws off YOUR food? Who says it’s your food?


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