Beef in Tomato Sauce

On Sunday October 4th it was World Animal Day. This means, in general, extra food. Since I don’t care a lot about food, I hoped my humans had bought me a bird or mouse to chase.

Sophie was so excited. ‘Oh, Don,’ she said, ‘do you know what day it is?’
‘Mmm, let’s see … Sunday, I guess?’
‘Yes, yes, and …?’
‘What and …?’
‘It’s Animal Day, Don, we get extra food today! I’m so excited’

At 6pm, our human opened a small box. A nice smell entered my nose. Sophie went almost crazy. Our human placed the content from the box on a plate. Because Sophie has such a big head, I wasn’t able to try some of the food. The human saw it, and put a bit for me on another plate. I smelled, tasted and … no, I didn’t like it. Sophie noticed this and said with a mouth full of food: ‘Mmm … it’s beef in tomato sauce. Don’t you like it? No problem, I help you,’ while jumping from her plate to mine. The human felt sorry for me and gave me the dry food I use to eat. Sophie was so obsessed that she started to eat my favorite dry food too. The human had to place it somewhere else, so I could finish my dinner quietly.

That evening Sophie was lying on the floor, her eyes were half closed. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ I asked her curiously. ‘Oh Don, I have been eating too much and the only thing I wanna do is sleep. It was such a great meal. I wish it could be World Animal Day every day.’


2 thoughts on “Beef in Tomato Sauce

  1. Now who’s obsessed with food? Who stealing my food every day? Your so short of memory. And where is the theme that fits my fur? I like this color too, but it’s … let say … so pink … meoooow …


  2. It’s “Who’s stealing …” and “You’re so …”, if you don’t mind. I’m not stealing your food but helping you eating it. And don’t be so impatience, I’m working on that theme …


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